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Modern Management

Gain practical hands-on training while learning to build and manage services using modern lean-based and flow-based techniques from the Kanban Method.

What is the Kanban Method?

Team Kanban Practitioner

Get your feet on the ground with this introductory course into the Kanban Method. Learn what it means to do “Kanban.” You’ll leave with a clear picture for how to get started with your own Kanban.

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Kanban Systems Design

Advance your Kanban knowledge by learning how to start your own Kanban initiative within your business. Gain advanced design concepts used in Kanban systems. Discover how to get more out of your existing Kanban system.

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Kanban Management Professional

Gain insight into your Kanban System using the method’s cadences. Make data-based decisions to improve your team or organizational performance. Understand how set policies to establish and improve quality, performance, agility, predictability, and enable evolutionary change.

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Customized Training

We offer customized training to fit your schedule and location needs. Our trainers will come to the location of your choice, or you can choose one of our premier locations.
Discounts are available for group purchases.


What is the Kanban Method?

"Kanban is a method for defining, managing, and improving services that deliver knowledge work, such as professional services, creative endeavors, and the design of both physical and software products."

Anderson, D. J., Carmichael, A. (2016) Essential Kanban Condensed. Seattle, Washington: Lean Kanban University.